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We are pleased in new buildet Collete residence,
                               which is affording accommodation in luxurious apartments.

Town of healing springs, rich history, magnificent architecture and countryside. This world-renowned spa lies in the valley of the Tepl River, on its confluence with the Ohe River. The town was founded in 1350 by the Bohemian king and Roman Emperor, Charles IV

Present-day spa treatment comprises the intake of mineral water, classic spa procedures, as well modern physiotherapy. Water from 13 mineral springs is used for drinking cures, the temperature of which ranges from 42C to 72C and the most famous of which is the Hot Spring, springing 15 almost meters high.

Natural curative resources (hot mineral springs, natural carbon dioxide, healing mud, etc.)

are utilised in combination with the latest medical methods for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders, paradentosis, diabetes mellitus and diseases of the locomotive organs

Collete residence is situated in very quied neighbourhood near the spa center of Carlsbad.

Avalaible is locked parking, large garden (800m2) with pool (25m2) with water heating, sun deck, garden grill and with relaxation possibility in place.

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